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The residential complex

Kyivites growing demand for apartments located in the functional residential complexes. This type of structure can be called a new phenomenon in the market.

Indeed, once all the apartment buildings were built on a simple principle. The main objective was to get a roof over your head, but additional measures to create a comfort no one thought much. But now it stands at the forefront when the builders are building another residential complex. Mini LCD city Sophia Cathedral, a structure, which in the future will certainly be even more popular among the population, which means even more prevalent.

What is a modern residential complex? It is a certain number of buildings, which in addition to standard apartments provided by the presence of several functional areas, which are specially designed for business and leisure residents. That is, these facilities are no longer living, they are placed shopping centers, fitness clubs, cinemas, cafes and restaurants. In general, the whole is an area that is designed for extra comfort residents. Owners of apartments in a residential complex enough to go down the elevator to buy products or watch a new movie in a good theater. All services are at hand, as they say in the yard.

Such complexes in the country today is built quite a lot. For example, can be called a well-known set of LCD Sophia Cathedral, which is the assurance of the organizers is a well-maintained town, which has everything from a hypermarket and ending with hospitals. Yes, indeed, in residential complexes in addition to the entertainment industry are also provided for residents and municipal services.

Residential complexes were the first to build the Western countries, there is a similar phenomenon is not uncommon. People quickly realized how interesting this decision, as it is convenient and comfortable. More recently, the attitude to the complexes in western countries was much more ambitious than we have. But now our developers are trying to make complex functional as possible.

Without leaving the apartment complex, and its residents can work and relax. With its creation, the task of the designer is just that and is to unite the working area and a seating area together. And in many of these projects are provided office buildings.

The cost of this property depends on the location of the residential complex and its general level.


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