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Shelving for shops

Shelves for shops are the professional trading equipment. Their design is made so that each buyer could get acquainted with the products from the catalog. These racks can be found in major hypermarkets and small stores in Yekaterinburg. Their main feature is the ease of design and functionality. A bolt connection allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble your product.

Modern stores need this equipment for various reasons. Firstly, racks allow a competent merchandising. Thanks to them, it is possible to arrange the items so that the buyer could quickly orient in a huge variety and choose what he wants. Second, properly designed shelves can improve the image of your point of sale and to draw a new circle of customers, which will undoubtedly affect the development of your business for the better.

Advantages of shelving for the store

Allows you to store both small and low weight items, and large, heavy products.
Let effectively zoned any room.
It allows you to quickly rearrange the shelf without unloading the other.
With them, you can arrange a decorative laying open product that is sure to attract potential buyers.
With racks conveniently monitor the availability of goods.

 You can purchase shelving for the store:

confectionery and bakery.
Pristennye shelves, as the name implies, are located along the wall. It takes a minimum of space, but in functionality they have no equal.

Corner option allows you to organize a separate section for the sale of the same type of products.

Island store shelves typically disposed in a central portion of the trading premises. Excellent they attract the attention of buyers and allow effectively promoted present product group. Thanks to them, you can save considerable space by bilateral calculations.


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