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Self cleaning boiler

In many suburban homes, and in some urban apartments have boilers or hot-water storage appliances for home hot water. In suburban homes they are used all year round and in apartments - only during a stoppage in the hot water supply.

The water in the houses and flats are usually too stiff, so the heating elements and boiler walls overgrown with various stratifications, which adversely affects the operation of the heaters and reduce their operational period.

To avoid this problem the walls of the boiler and the heating elements need to be regularly cleaned.

Perform a self-cleaning device is not too difficult. Before you start cleaning, disconnect the boiler from the power grid and close the valve the cold water supply. The next step - it drains the water from the boiler. In order to do this you need to remove the check valve from the pipe, through which the cold water, and immediately connect it to a rubber hose. The other end of the hose should be sent to the sink drain or sewer. Next, the pipe nut is unscrewed, responsible for the supply of hot water then flows through the water pipe connected to the cold water pipe.

Next, remove the flange from the tank. The flange is equipped with Tan and the anode rod (or its remnants). It should be cleaned from scale and PETN layers and implement a replacement rod.

After cleaning the boiler going, and then, after starting the cold water, checked the tightness of all connections. Further, the device is connected and checked his work.

That's the whole operating procedure. Total public a couple of hours, and the unit is again ready for operation. The process is not too difficult, however, requires accurate relationships and specific knowledge. Therefore, for those who are not sure what to cope on their own, the best solution would be to appeal to the master.


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