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Simple tips to increase the space of the room

Bedrooms are needed for a good holiday, but little cluttered areas do not give it to feel at home. Fortunately, there are several ways how to make the bedrooms are spacious. In a close and a small bedroom recommend using bright colors. The principle is that they reflect the light entering into the darkest corners of the bedroom. In the decoration of the windows, and the bed would be nice to observe the color unity - an abundance of flowers is quite superfluous.

Generally, the transformation of the space with proper use of light allows you to achieve remarkable results. Bedrooms should have the right lighting. Try to abandon the skylight that gives harsh shadows from the interior lights and not enough room. It is advisable to hang the lamp in a circle the room, illuminating difficult for natural light.

You can order a folding bed, which is collected in a vertical position and the assembled part of the cabinet. If you do not plan on any pretext to abandon the wide bed, the designers are advised to choose a mattress on the podium. Another option that we offer as an alternative - a traditional sofa bed.

In small apartments question of storage of all kinds of things is particularly acute. If your choice fell on the platform, then the problem will be solved, because now 9 of 10 platforms are hollow boxes. Stored there, only those items that do not need to take several times a day.

Instead, standing alone cabinet that is too big for the bedroom, put the sliding doors with storage of clothes, arranged for them. Besides traditional placement along a wall, as is often, they can be mounted in a corner. If you acquire a panel with a mirror surface, the space will be visually twice, especially if the mirror hanging in front of the window. As for the corners of the room, thanks to the glass shelf you get rid of the many cabinets. Instead of conventional chairs - special boxes with cushions on top. As a result, even without a thorough repair you have the opportunity to make the room much more if properly organize the space.


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Bedrooms are needed for a good holiday, but little cluttered areas do not give it to feel at home. 
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