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Natural material for town and country planning

Floor coverings are important not only for indoor. Are outdoor pools, a track in the garden, located near the town houses, large open terrace area also require a beautiful and practical design.

Not all types of coatings used for interior decoration, look suitable for open space. Using terraced boards in many cases will be much more suitable for this.

Modern decking boards are made of different materials. In particular, quite popular are various composites. However, the highest reputation persists in natural wood. However, not all woods are equally good. Often sold decking of larch - it is a practical and at the same time attractive material. Hardness of larch causes certain difficulties in its processing, but it is the same quality finish provides durability made of this wood decking board.

Unlike many other types of wood, larch hardly exposed to harmful parasites of harmful insects. The hardwood has a special element, gum, which does not carry pests. In addition, the destructive process of decay is not terrible for this tree. Such qualities make larch very attractive material for exterior trim components, including various surface finishing tracks.

Perhaps someone may seem that synthetic materials are also practical larch wood. However, in these materials is not the most important thing - the simplicity and naturalness of the tree. Synthesize a quality hardly ever fail. This means that natural terrace boards will always be valued higher than synthetic.


21 Октября 2014
Срок службы паркета зависит от породы древесины, о чем мы упоминали в начале книги. 
20 Октября 2014
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Строения из камня сооружались людьми множество веков.
21 Октября 2014
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Interior Design

21 Октября 2014
Для создания уникального  дизайна интерьера  часто требуется перепланировка квартиры.
21 Октября 2014
Древесина – одн а  из самых распространенных строительных материалов, использующийся как для отделки помещений изнутри, так и для наружных строительных работ.
21 Января 2015
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Лакокрасочные материалы составляют очень большую и очень важную группу промышленных товаров.
7 Октября 2015
Each year, statistics tell us that the increase in the production of ferrous metals and ferroalloys gradually increased.
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