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The sequence of operations in the construction of houses made of logs.  RSS 2.0

Despite the many advances in the creation of artificial materials, man has not been able to invent anything that could be compared in quality with natural wood. How many centuries ago, in our time, the construction of houses made of logs is still very popular. To log house stood for many years and please their owners with warmth and comfort in the construction must comply with a certain sequence of execution.

Construction of houses from logs - milestones.

1. Laying the foundation.
Any house begins with a strong and sustainable foundation and construction of houses made of logs - is no exception. Because the machine rounded logs are lighter materials than stone to the foundation of houses less demanding. The ideal option is to tape melkozaglublenny foundation, made of reinforced concrete. The depth of laying the foundation is usually not more than a meter. Construction of houses from logs on melkozaglublennom foundation helps reduce the cost of the first phase of work is almost twice.
2. Selection of the log set.

For the production of round logs often use wood northern pine, which has an excellent performance and quite affordable. When selecting a set of logs should be remembered that the appearance of the house depends on their diameter - for large cottages better to choose larger logs, and for small houses more suitable medium diameter logs.

3. Walling.

The next step in the construction of houses made of logs is walling of preformed kit. Walls log home going on the principle of design, the better the logs do yourself, the less time and effort will have to spend on their dock and fit. To provide additional rigidity applied wooden pins, and serves as insulation jute linen, laid in mezhventsevom space.

4. Roofing.

Laying the roof is an important stage of construction of houses made of logs. Rafters, purlins and gables should not be rigidly fixed to each other, as timbered houses have a natural shrinkage. The best roofing is considered soft roof or metal.

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