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Why is it better Knauf Insulation

Robust housing - is not just a wooden or stone frame, is a house that will protect you from any wind and frost. If the walls do not provide an adequate level of thermal performance, then you must take care of their insulation. Previously, this increases the thickness of the walls themselves. At present, with the advent of modern insulating materials, this is not necessary.
Presenting your attention is unparalleled natural safe mineral wool insulation from KNAUF Insulation, produced by technology ECOSE. With it you can quickly and easily produce insulation of floors, ceilings and floors of all buildings and structures.
Such insulation is less reminiscent of the old insulation and has a natural brown color - contains no artificial dyes and bleaches. This makes it look like the texture of wool or fur. In addition to high thermal and sound dampening properties it has a number of unique characteristics: pleasant to the touch (almost pricked), odorless, less dusty and easy to cut.
Scientific discovery, the underlying technology ECOSE, allowed to exclude from the production process such harmful toxic substances such as phenol and formaldehyde used in the previous production technology. It should be noted that the current level of formaldehyde fumes in traditional mineral wool production line with the existing national hygiene requirements. In many countries there are regulatory documents, reflecting the impact of building materials on the air in those areas where they are used. That is why the company KNAUF Insulation is committed to develop safer materials and be prepared for the introduction of new, more stringent requirements for building materials. Insulation technology ECOSE no impact on air quality, thanks to the absence of harmful fumes binder components. It helps maintain indoor air clean.
Based on a series of tests for flammability in leading Russian institutes this insulant was awarded the degree of LH, that is non-combustible (GOST 30244-94 clause 5.2 in accordance with the Law № 123-FZ "Technical regulations for fire safety requirements"). This means that the insulation from KNAUF Insulation prevents the spread of fire, reducing, thus, the effects of fire to a minimum. Additionally, tests were conducted on the resistance to micro-organisms, insects and rodents, which confirmed the high biological resistance of the material.
Insulation technology ECOSE has high sound-insulating properties. This may confirm the test results obtained in one of the leading Russian institutes (Research Institute for Building Physics).
Insulation materials presented in slabs and mats with low thermal conductivity, which will help to quickly and easily protect your home from any frost.
KNAUF Insulation Materials used in the construction of buildings and structures of all sizes, from small-town home to the complex construction of the complex for various applications. High quality products Knauf Insulation reliably provides:
- Preservation of heat in winter and cool in summer comfort;
- Protection against the ingress of noise in the room and its spread to the outside;
- Fire safety;
- Reducing heating costs by preventing heat loss during the cold season;
- Care for the environment. *
* Reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide from the combustion of energy, significantly slows down the process of global warming and climate change.
Knauf products firm distinguishes comprehensive approach to solving the most difficult repair problems: all the components for ceilings, walls, floors bases, from Knauf sheet Knauf superlista, cam plates, metal profile, putty, plaster and to screws, tools, accessories and other goods.
Beware of imitations! 100% guarantee of quality products only from an authorized dealer Knauf


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