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Why Kreisel Turbo?

Company KREISEL, combining plants in Germany, Austria, Poland and Lithuania - one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-quality mixes for construction and decoration. This is supported by almost annual commissioning of new plants and the availability of an extensive dealer network firm. In Kiev, the dealer "A" Company, LLC is KREISEL "STD", which can also supply cement, drywall, performs construction and design work.


System KREISEL TURBO - complex, multilayer thermal insulation facade decoration. The building is insulated on the outside with a continuous layer of insulation boards and finished with decorative plasters of various textures and colors.

Foundation insulation system KREISEL TURBO-S are penopo-listirolnye plate. For fire safety used crosscuts, framing and edging of non-combustible mineral wool basalt. Polystyrene plates are much cheaper mineral-cotton, this significantly reduces the cost of the entire insulation system makes its products of mass consumption. The system KREISEL TURBO-W warming is entirely executed on the basis of basalt wool. For gluing and reinforcing insulating plates are used specially developed adhesive mixtures. The company has certified the system so that the user can apply it within the system materials from different manufacturers, if the characteristics of the materials meet the requirements of the system.

we would save

Integrated use of thermal insulation systems KREISEL TURBO in the construction of a traditional brick building can save up to 40-50% of the brick and masonry mortar due to the fact that the supporting structures, not act as insulation, can be much thinner and lighter. Accordingly accelerated turnaround time, reduces labor costs, transport costs, and construction machinery, reduced foundation. Systems KREISEL TURBO - is ideal for renovation of the building, when it is difficult to enhance the load-bearing structures, further build the foundation, especially on problem soils.

Insulation system by 70% reduces the cost of heating the building and 50% - the cost of installing air conditioning system. Only by saving on heating costs using the system KREISEL TURBO pays for 7-9 years.

When using insulation systems KREISEL TURBO bearing and protecting the building structure is not in contact with the atmosphere, are always in the positive zone temperature and dry condition, which ensures the safety of interior finishes and communications, repeatedly increases the service life of the building. In panel construction forever solved the problem interpanel seams.


KREISEL TURBO system allow the use of the variety of textures, thicknesses, colors, architectural details, which gives unlimited scope for architects and designers to take bold decisions and to fulfill any architectural delights - cornices, columns, capitals, etc.

Perhaps the use of special decorative textured plasters and even ceramic tile that mimics natural stone and brick. Production of architectural elements of polystyrene as compared with conventional counterparts -betonom and gypsum - gives ease design speed and high accuracy assembly.

These features of the system play a special role in the reconstruction of urban centers for the preservation of their unique architectural appearance. They are also used in cottage construction and ennobling cottages built before the advent of the new facade technology, with projects such reconstruction is often performed by designers "STD".

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Comparing insulation system can distinguish their advantages and disadvantages.

Siding. Cheaper insulation system, but gives insufficient insulation. When using additional insulation total value approaching the cost of the system KREISEL TURBO. "Cold bridges" when installing fasteners and loose contiguity insulating plates greatly reduce the overall resistivity teplosopro-walling. Plastic panels in the cold become brittle and break. The color range is limited to two dozen decisions variety of architectural details missing.

Kolodeznaya masonry. Long known method of filling the cavity wall insulation. The design is difficult to repair the insulation settles, wall freezes, it can only detect the thermal imager and repair need to disassemble the wall. The system KREISEL TURBO insulation failure (e.g., loss at home) are shown as external cracks which easily locate and apply a special coating.

Ventilated facades. Made of individual sheets and secured, from the frequent appearance of such buildings stitches uniform. Warming is less efficient than systems KREISEL TURBO, the supporting structure of the system is the "cold bridges". A set of architectural details is limited. Cost of ventilated facades above with the same thickness of insulation. During a fire, fastening systems are weakened, falling granite hinder fire-fighting and rescue people. The system KREISEL TURBO insulation melts but does not burn, fire-fighting and evacuation operations are not hampered.

System of internal insulation occupy a considerable share valuable space and protect bearing structures from the effects of moisture and temperature changes. In KREISEL TURBO heat accumulation occurs in the retaining wall, which has a high coefficient of heat absorption, and the outer insulation prevents heat loss. Thus stabilized internal microclimate and the temperature in the building premises.

To help novice

Ukrainian market insulation systems grows incredible rate -from 30 to 50% per year. This, of course, evident lack of skilled workers. Currently, the vast majority of construction workers at the facilities - are seasonal workers who do not have the proper qualifications. Therefore, the company KREISEL relies primarily on the practical and theoretical training of builders to work with insulation system.


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Company KREISEL, combining plants in Germany, Austria, Poland and Lithuania - one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-quality mixes for construction and decoration.

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Комфортный загородный дом должен быть теплым, а его внутренний микроклимат — благоприятным.
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