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Metal siding

Metal siding

Siding cues intended to protect the house from the mold, exposure of the environment, and so on. There are several types of siding:

1. Vinyl
2. Metal
3. Acrylic
4. Cement
5. Ground

All these varieties are designed for cladding facades and all have their pros and cons.
One of the most common types of siding - metal. He did not fade in the sun, is not afraid to temperature changes, is not subject to corrosion. Also, it is attractive ease of installation and ease of material.

The system for the installation of metal siding

Easy to install siding is that it does not require skills in construction. Mounting system consists of the following elements:

1. L-shaped profile.
2. Brackets. They are attached to the wall, then it is screwed to an L-shaped profile.
This design allows you to hold fast to not only metal, but other types of siding.

People often make the mistake in the choice of a subsystem for installation. So, as a subsystem of newcomers choose a profile for plasterboard thickness of 0.45 or even 0.4 mm. Or even opt for reechkah made of wood.

Reiki is made of wood are not designed for this purpose, because they preyut, a moldy siding, lose their properties. As a result, the design turns out very hard and facade can be fully fall.
The same applies to the profile for gopsokartona. It is not designed for the installation of siding on the outside of the building. Accordingly, it is necessary to fix the siding on a special subsystem, thickness 0.9 mm - is an L-shaped profile and the bracket.

In any case, the subsystem should be installed by professionals, and already siding installation can be done by yourself.

The choice of metal siding

Choosing metal siding, it is necessary to pay attention to:
1. Coating metal and from which it is made. The thickness of the metal should be at least 0.5 mm.
2. Warranty conditions. They can be from one to twenty years. All warranty conditions shall be stated in the warranty card and the obligatory stamp.
3. Packaging. It is necessary to not get damaged siding not hesitated, not scratched and so on.


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