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Wooden houses built of logs exist for a long time. Erected in droves concrete buildings never eradicate the inherent human desire to have their home, which will be native. Warm, creating comfort for its atmosphere that radiates self-energy house will always attract a man. And nor are the house of bricks, concrete blocks will not be able to compete with the house built of logs present.

Wooden house for most people it is a dream of quality and comfortable accommodation. It is impossible to deny the special aura of warmth, comfort and a sense of harmony with the environment, which creates a house made of wood. Wood is used as a material for construction, has its performance advantages and that's it for this wooden house is not a relic of the past, and the resumption of the popularity of using the latest technology and architectural solutions.

In addition to the houses of logs for the construction of wooden houses is used profiled, planed and glued timber. Each of these types has a number of individual characteristics and advantages. Technology of construction of the structure is selected depending on the architectural design and customer construction.

In a wooden house is never cold and always at home cozy in winter, it is warming faster than the stone, but it is fresh and cool summers. Lately it has become fashionable to do exterior and interior wooden house, which reduces costs in its construction, but does not affect the decent appearance. If you have any shrinkage of the foundation wooden house has a greater margin of safety and reliability of the design, than a house of stone, which can be cracked. And of course it should be noted environmental and special natural beauty of the material.
Often the construction of a wooden house refuse just because they think the tree fire hazard material. However, currently there are modern and proven processing tools that allow you to minimize the disadvantages of such a tree as a fire hazard, the fungus, the occurrence of putrefaction, insect infestation, in addition help improve the quality of the wooden structure.

Construction of any wooden house should be prepared beforehand by the project, as well as the wooden house has its own specification, it requires a professional approach. It is believed that the construction of a wooden house will be more expensive project than from any other material. In fact, the wooden houses are economical and opportunities to reduce the cost of construction, which in no way affects the quality and durability of the structure.
Sure, when there is a desire to build a house made of wood, you should use the opportunity to create their own cozy family nest, or a prestigious country house for the holidays.


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